I´m so JDM ....

      I´m so JDM ....

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      I'm so JDM I'm importing my kids

      I'm so JDM I have more money than sense

      I'm so JDM my engine runs on soy sauce

      I'm so JDM the sofa in my living room is covered in BRIDE material

      I'm so JDM the curtain pole in me bedroom is a cusco strut brace

      I'm so JDM all my lights in my house are amber

      ........................................................ .Im so JDM that I only type on the right.

      I'm so JDM, I only whipe my ass with my right hand.

      I'm so JDM even my eyeballs are amber

      I'm so JDM that wen i fart it makes a noise lyk a blitz BOV

      I'm so JDM, my garage is the pitstop on the Tsukuba circuit.

      I'm so JDM even my ears have camber.

      I'm so JDM I clutch kick when I walk

      I'm so JDM that im planning to attack pearl harbor again

      I'm so JDM, i poo Domo kun's

      I'm so JDM i have Takata harnesses on my toilet

      I'm so JDM i pay random asian chicks to look pretty in front of my car while im not in it.

      I'm so JDM my shower nobs have boost + and - on them

      I'm so JDM I have 2 right feet

      I'm so JDM when i drive past girls in the street they give birth to asian kids

      I'm so JDM my blood group is N/A.
      Im so JDM i sleep on the right side of my bed
      Mazda RX8 Hipower Revolution

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